i'm britt.

and finding trippy light, the smell of food cooking and live music make me feel alive.

I'm an observer, an artist, a feeler. I'm a little sarcastic, a little introverted and will likely cry at your wedding day speeches. I love the beauty of relationships and I love love! I am from a tightly-knit, quick-witted family of thinkers, helpers, educators and artists. When I see a beautiful moment unfold, I have always gotten this urge to suspend how it feels forever. My favorite are the observed and felt moments that need no words, are full of genuine expression, honesty, and timeless aesthetic. Posed shots are not really my thing and I like to make it as comfortable as possible to be in front of a camera - because grrrrl, it's weird! I've been there. Think of me as a photojournalist for you and your loved ones.


Here is what I can promise you: my laugh will be loud, I will become friends with the most sarcastic member of your family and you'll look fine as heck.


You know what? Don't just take my word for it - let me show you your good sides.

Freezing temps one night
A wave just annihilated my jeans
Matthew in Aguas Calientes
Colca Canyon
Lovers Park - Lima, Peru
Our trip to Peru in 2018!